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Thousands of AT&T iPhone Owners have Used Us, See Real Customer Testimonials
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  Order with complete peace of mind. Our Professional unlocking service is 100% Safe to your Apple Warranty and Permanently Unlocks your iPhone directly through Apple’s Database. We're the undisputed leader in AT&T iPhone Unlocking since 2010 and we only use tested methods that is 100% Safe to the your iPhone.  
  • Permanently Officially Factory Unlock your USA AT&T iPhone (All Models & IMEIs supported.) - regardless of bootloader, baseband and firmware version up to the latest iOS and beyond (if you don't know what this means, don't worry - it simply means we can unlock any handset).


  • All our unlocks are guaranteed to work, or your money back. No quibbles, no questions, no hassle.


  • Upgrade and Sync iPhones using iTunes without fear of ever being locked out.


  • Every single feature works perfectly, and your warranty remains valid.


  • Always upgrade to latest firmware without fear - your device remains unlocked.


  • ABSOLUTELY Best Price Guarantee


  • Upgrade to the latest version of iOS without fear

No need to run any complicated software or follow lengthy guides - once you've made your purchase, we'll notify you once your iPhone is unlocked from Apple's Database. Simply connect your iPhone to iTunes to complete the unlock.

Our automated system delivers fast and accurate results and will process your order and send your AT&T iPhone's permanent official factory unlock confirmation via email once it is successfully unlocked in Apple's Database.

  All Basebands,Firmwares & iOS Supported!  

Unlock Any AT&T iPhone






   Usually Done in 12 Hours 
100% Unlock Guaranteed
AT&T iPhone Unlocking  :
Your IMEI# (Dial *#06#) :
Your Email ID :

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  We're proud to announce that we've 100% Unlock Success Rate unlike most other providers who has 60-80% Success Rate. We can unlock all models of AT&T iPhone, regardless of contract status, activation status, sealed or purchased from ebay. Using our service you can unlock your iPhone while you're abroad.

We're the direct source for AT&T phone unlocking, hence you'll always find cheapest AT&T Unlocking rates at our website.

At $57 if you compare our price with any other '
Official AT&T Unlock provider' you would know we're by far the cheapest.

We provide AT&T unlocking service to hundreds of retailers around the world, unlocking close to 386,600 AT&T iPhones so far. Simply use the form below to unlock your AT&T locked iPhone for contact us for any specific needs.
You maybe aware of the major AT&T system upgrade which has caused AT&T unlocking price to shoot up to as high as $100 and many providers going out of business at the same time. We're one of the only companies who are still capable of providing GENUINE AT&T Unlocking Service. We can proudly claim, we're still the CHEAPEST, FASTEST and the Most RELIABLE AT&T unlocking service online!

  4.8/5 Star Rating Out of 400+ Reviews  
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At, unlock your iPhone with complete peace of mind.

We've unlocked over 380,000 AT&T locked iPhones with 99.9% success rate.


Some Key Benefits Of Factory Unlocking with Us


After unlocking, You can  use any GSM sim card in any part of the world on any desired plan. You can switch GSM carriers effortlessly and continue to use itunes, Apple updates just like a contract free phone. Start saving Big on your phone bills by choosing a cheap carrier in your area.  
You can switch GSM carriers as often as you want without interrupting the use of itunes or Apple updates.  

This is not a software unlock solution. Your iPhone will be
Officially Factory Unlocked through Apple's database by our team of professionals. You don't have to do anything apart from submitting your IMEI and making your payment. Your phone will be automatically unlocked though Apple's Database and you'll be informed via email.

No Jailbreaking or software is required. No lengthy guides to follow. This is not a temporary patch unlock solution - your IMEI is officially unlocked within Apple's Database!

Your iPhone will never relock itself after every upgrade of iOS unlike temporary software unlock solutions.

Your warranty remains 100% intact.
You will always be able to update your iPhone to the latest iOS version without any worry. All your features remain intact - GPS,MMS, Data & all other features.

Also by getting your iPhone factory unlocked you get a better resale value instantly. Click Here to get your iPhone Officially Factory Unlocked.

Official Factory Unlock iPhone AT&T 


How to Factory Unlock iPhone ATT


Now, Permanently Unlock your AT&T iPhone from the comfort of your home.

We offer Super Fast AT&T iPhone Unlocking Service and can help you to unlock any iPhone 6 Plus,6,5s,5c,5,4s,4,3Gs,3G and 2G by our permanent factory unlocking solution! This is a Permanent IMEI-based sim unlocking service without the use of any software or jailbreaking, all you need to do is to submit your iPhone IMEI number in the form below and we'll get your phone permanently unlocked through Apple, and be able to use your phone just like a factory unlocked iPhone. Our  professional AT&T iPhone unlocking service is 100% Secure and each order is backed by 100% customer satisfaction guarantee! You get a full 100% refund incase we're unable to unlock your iPhone.

Till now, we have seen many software and hardware unlock solutions. Gevey SIM, R-SIM, SAM Unlock and what not, all have claimed to unlock the iPhone forever. However, all of them were only temporary solutions and didn’t last long. Don’t worry anymore! Now there is a permanent unlock for AT&T iPhone iPhones which is also know as Factory Unlock,official factory unlock,IMEI unlock and so on.

Essentially your iPhone is unlocked directly through Apple's database and you can start using any SIM card in your iPhone within next 1-3 days (usually done in 24 hours).

Benefits of AT&T iPhone unlock from

There are many benefits of this unlock. Firstly, a factory unlock works like a charm on any baseband, and you can update the baseband without any worries. Furthermore, it works on any iOS firmware. The unlock will work on any baseband as well.

Furthermore, this legit unlock will permanently unlock your iPhone unlike software patch unlock solution, in which case your iPhone will relock itself after every upgrade. The best thing is that this unlock isn’t going to void your warranty, whereas popular unlock solutions such as Gevey SIM, Gevey SIM Ultra etc. will do so.

AT&T started providing iPhone unlocks for free, for those with and AT&T account, and where the phone was out of contract for more than 2 years. However, those without an AT&T wireless account, or own an iPhone from eBay, or got it from America while visiting or through a friend, or have a blocked or blacklisted iPhone, are out of luck. This is where comes in. Due to our DIRECT ACCESS, we can permanently unlock any AT&T iPhone irrespective of it's current owner or location - all you need to provide is it's IMEI.

How Does this iPhone Unlocking Work ?

Simple. All you need is give us is the IMEI of the phone.

We will process the IMEI for unlock through Apple. Later you will receive our email confirming that your iPhone is unlocked! Then just connect your phone to ITUNES and your iPhone will be unlocked.


"Abandon temporary software patch unlock solutions, instead permanently unlock your iPhone directly through Apple's Database Quickly & Easily with ZERO Technical Knowledge!"

Factory Unlocking iPhone AT&T
Unlock Any iPhone










Usually Done in 12 Hours
100% Unlock Guaranteed
AT&T iPhone Unlocking :
Your IMEI# (Dial *#06#) :
Your Email ID :

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PS: As you already know there are quite a few companies offering iPhone unlocking solutions and services, firstly I would like to save you a lot of trouble by avoiding all kinds of software solutions available to the market. These software unlocks are only temporary solution and your iPhone will re-lock itself after every update.

I encourage you to chose a reputed company to get your iPhone unlocked, remember there's certain amount of risk involved which might result in getting your iPhone blocked permanently.

Also there are over 15+ websites, 30+ people on discussion boards, 40+ people on eBay claiming to offer the same service. While there are many genuine experienced providers among them, one should be very careful of un-professionals and newbie sellers. These people will not be able to unlock your iPhone for months and sometimes might also end up loosing your money in settlement. Most of these people do this part-time and are not updated with the latest firmware solutions.

Many of our clients are either travelling, already moved to another country or planning to travel and time is of paramount importance to them - they simply can't afford for such a thing to happen. If time & safety is important to you too, choose an experienced service provider like us with real credentials and real customers. You should should be very careful of the fakes offering the service at dirt cheap prices.

PPS: At, get your iPhone unlocked with complete peace of mind. See tons of real customer experiences from our clients here, here and here. They are all AT&T iPhone owners. We're arguably the MOST experienced  AT&T iPhone unlocking service provider out there, no one knows how to unlock AT&T iPhones better than we do. Simply, place your order here and let us do what we do best. 



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4.8 out of 5 based on 421 Ratings.
421 user reviews on Review Centre.

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For any questions, contact us here.


email support : customers [@]

UnlockiPhoneATT is rated 4.50 stars by based on 10 reviews



    Why Unlock With Us?



    At UnlockiPhoneATT we aim to remain the quickest, cheapest & simplest AT&T iPhone Unlocking service online. Unlike others we are not charging fancy variable prices for every handset and delivery period. We believe in keeping it simple by offering the same level of service at a flat rate to all AT&T iPhone owners. Our only focus is on providing a hassle free, simple solution that is also ridiculously cheap. We're one of the cheapest AT&T Factory unlocking provider as of today. Save more, do more and unlock your iPhone on the go.


    Unlike other methods, our unlock is 100% permanent - you can claim a refund anytime your iPhone relocks itself. (It will NOT Happen)!  We offer Official factory unlocking through Apple -  your phone will be 100% contract free without any chance of re-locking. You will always be able to update your iPhone to the latest iOS version. Does not void your warranty, since the unlock is done through Apple. Our unlock is permanent, your iPhone will NEVER re-lock. No loss of features - GPS, MMS, data & all other features remain intact.


    No jailbreaking or hacking your iPhone, no GEVEY or REBEL SIMs, and best of all no voiding your Apple warranty!


    We give out several $50 iTunes gift card to our cherished clients, by purchasing us as your unlock provider you will automatically signup to our Itunes Gift card contest.


    No Limitations

    We unlock all iPhone models, all iOS versions, and all basebands at a flat price!


    Moneyback Guarantee

    We offer a 100% money-back guarantee if we can't unlock your iPhone.



No Hidden cost or Recurring billing! Just one time payment.

For any questions, contact us here.


email support : customers [@]


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